Product specifications

A new approach to an old idea - the "EZ Shive" - a screw-in, re-useable shive

Traditional cork based and plastic shives have suffered from a tendency to pop-out after being installed into casks. This is an unavoidable trait of their design and the method of installing them. The EZ Shive system from Brewery Plastics will use a screw-in nut feature, to keep the plastic shive body firmly in the cask opening, without relying on a simple friction fit. A patented flexible "sock" expands in response to the screw in nut, to securely grip the inside rim of the keg body. The result is a secure fitting shive, immune to the tendency to pop-out under typical working pressures by eliminating the reliance on a taper fit.

A family of products will be available from BPL, to include the flexible sock, the shive body with expanding fingers, the screw-in nut and a customized tool with hex head, for comfortably driving in the nut with hand force only.


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