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Automated Keg Lines & Fork Lift adaptations

Locator Boards from Brewery Plastics have established the market leading position for Layer Boards, in the keg handling segment. As such, they have been catered for by both the Keg Line Automation companies and by the companies which customize fork lifts for specialized handling applications. A further technology area for kegs, which has extended over to Locator Boards is the RFID Tracking segment. 



Clamping Tines on modified fork lifts

A number of industry leaders in the fork lift clamping segment have designed modified fork lift clamps, to take advantage of Locator Boards from Brewery Plastics. The combination of Locator Boards between the layers of kegs and clamping tines, provides a completely "pallet-less" system for moving, storing and transporting both belly kegs and some larger diameter straight walled kegs. The advantages extend to less use of strapping and shrink wrapping, whilst allowing higher productivity as fork lifts can negotiate uneven surfaces without the risks of losing kegs from the stack Click here to view footage

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Automated Keg Lines in Breweries

Major Brewers are now incorporating state-of-the-art equipment and control processes, to handle our Locator Boards within the Keg operations. Locator Boards from Brewery Plastics now share the lines and processes, developed for handling the earlier generation of pallets. You can watch footage of robot arms selecting our Locator Boards from magazines; placing them on automated lines and then loading them with kegs.    Click here to view footage


RFID Tracking

Locator Boards and Transit Layer Boards are a Brewer's long asset - just like the steel kegs. Tracking and return of LB's and TLB's is just as important as the same activities established for the kegs.  

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